Storytelling Collab With Sarah!

HIYA! How are you, my friends? I’m really trying to get back into the mold of blogging after my family’s move, and I am super thankful that I am getting to do a couple collabs! Today I have 1 part of a 2 part collab post with my wonderful blogging friend, Sarah! This is a storytelling collab where we both asked each other questions about stories! You can read Sarah’s answers to my questions here then head on over to Sarah’s Blog to check out my answers!

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Here is a little intro Sarah wrote so you can get to know her a bit better:

Hi there, everybody! I’m Sarah, a wacky teenager, a sinner saved by Jesus Christ’s amazing grace and a homeschooler with FAR too many hobbies. I love to write – I’ve been writing since the age of eight. Sadly, from 2017, I took a massive break from writing but I finally came back to it. I write both poetry and short stories and I’m currently working on a novella that I began in May. I’m also a self-taught artist, a blogger, a very avid music listener, a YouTuber (but not a frequent one), a dreamer, a Marvel + DC fan, an admirer of anything red and a fan of story-telling. Other random facts include: I enjoy letter writing, I’m obsessed with the sunset, I adore hatsand I’m a very shy introvert (but once I get to know you well, I will chat incessantly until you’re nuts). I also like to try my hand at photography and video-editing and even though I’m really not the best at it, I enjoy it anyway.  My dream is to able to make a difference in today’s society.

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1. What authors have inspired you? 

You know, that’s tough because there’s nearly always at least one thing in every book I read that inspires me XD. Ok, firstly, there’s you! Also on that list is C.S. Lewis, I love how his writing is so symbolic and many of his novels are really good for all ages to read. And there’s Ted Dekker too, I have no idea how his brain can handle so many mind-blowing story plots!  Also, I’ve only read two and a half books by Suzanne Collins, but I truly love her writing style – I’m pretty sure she’s kind of influenced my style a bit, haha.


2. What is one of your all-time favorite characters and why? 

Oh man, I am obsessed with studying characters, Jewel, so this is the perfect question for me. Captain America is definitely a character I have loved from the very beginning. I am so sick of people saying that Cap is just a perfect, empty character (apologies to all those who disagree with me). Cap is probably one of the loneliest Avengers and probably the most depressed too. He strives to do the right thing and then has to live with the consequences of his actions. He lost everything! Everything familiar to him, his family, his best friend and the love of his life. But not always does he make the right decision, as we witnessed in the events of Civil War. The thing is, everyone misunderstands him because he doesn’t open up. I can’t help but feel sympathetic for him.

3. At what time of day do you enjoy writing and why?

Hm, I usually write at about four to six o’clock in the afternoon. I enjoy writing then because I know schoolwork’s over for the day 🙂

4. What are some instances where life has inspired stories from you?

Ok, so, I tend to bring a lot of real-life into my stories. Here’s one instance: the other week I was trying to work on my latest story but I was just so stuck with plot issues. One morning, I checked my emails and someone had written a new blog post and she mentioned that she had started college and was feeling overwhelmed and, yeah, my character ended up going to college feeling overwhelmed with the pressure. (And I have a suspicion that this person follows you. Help! Uh *smiles awkwardly*). For another example, I’d say listening to music. If I put on a song and focus on the lyrics, I can create some sort of storyline in my head based around those lyrics.

5. What are your 3 favorite movies and 3 favorite books? Why?

Oof! I can’t list my top 5 movies without naming 500! Nevertheless, I will try. Right, The Dark Knight is unmistakably a classic. Christopher Nolan is one amazing director. The Dark Knight was really well made. The acting was excellent and the Joker is a really well thought-up villain, by that I mean that he was more than just greedy for power, he had a reason for what he was doing. Also, the character building was insanely well done. The tension and conflict was just perfect as well! Inception is another really good movie. For days on end, I was trying to figure out the ending. I can’t really explain very well why I loved this so much – it was just genius! Another movie I thoroughly enjoyed would be Source Code, not because of anything special as in acting/character or anything, but just because of the storyline; I’m totally mesmerized by stories with the same kind of setting. Now for three books. I’m so bad at this so I’m naming two, Eyes Wide Open and Water Walker all by Ted Dekker. Again, I don’t love these books because of the way they were written, but because of the plot. Ted Dekker is another genius and you’ll just have to read the books to understand why I really like them.

6. Do you prefer a large cast of characters or a smaller cast? Why?

Definitely a smaller cast. I feel like it gives me more time to get to know each character and get attached to them 🙂

7. What genre do you usually write in, and if you couldn’t write in that genre, what would be your second choice? Why?

At the moment I’m writing a lot of drama. Like, I don’t aim to write anything too extraordinary (usually), I just take a lot of inspiration from real life and real emotion. Second choice? Well, I might choose action. Because back when I was ten, I wrote a whole series about a gang of superheroes (believe me, it was trash). But maybe I could rewrite it and improve on it… someday.

8. Do you prefer stories generally that are slow-paced or fast-paced? Why is that?

A while back, I would have said fast-paced, but I honestly don’t know anymore. I like a bit of both. You know, a happy medium.

9. What is your favorite part about writing?

Definitely character building. It’s so fun! Pretty much for my whole life, I’ve been making up all sorts of characters in my head.

10. In your opinion, what makes a villain truly loathable?

The most loathsome of characters are the ones who are evil, but not just because, well… they’re meant to be evil! I don’t mean the villain who just wants to, uh, be very powerful and rule the world. I mean the villains who have a proper reason for their evil-doing and they think it justifies their actions. The villains who think they are actually the hero are the worst, but yet the best from a character-building perspective (in my opinion). Take Thanos for example, he thought he was the savior of the universe, but his twisted way of thinking made me hate his guts!

(I’m taking your last question to ask you. XD It is a really good one.)

11. You can be any superhero for a day! Plus, as a bonus, you can have any superhero as your sidekick! Who will you choose to become and who is your sidekick?

 Oh! HAHA! I totally don’t mind you taking my question! Hmm. I think I’d choose to be Black Widow too, I’m not into any of the other female superheroes either (apart from Wonder Woman), but I really like her character. As for a sidekick, I’d choose Spider-man, as he’s one of my favourite Avengers. I kind of feel sorry for Spidey; he’s an innocent college student who just wants to help, make a difference and be like his heroes, he can be a bit of a doofus sometimes but he’s also hilarious. He’s the kind of character you can’t help but like 😀

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Now be sure to check out my answers to her spectacular questions here:

SARAH’S BLOG: Paraphernalia

Also, give my awesome friend, Sarah, a follow! She is already such a great blogger and she just started!

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Do you like seeing collabs? How did you like Sarah’s answers?! If you enjoyed this collab be sure to like the posts! Bye, for now, everyone!

-Jewel (1)


9 thoughts on “Storytelling Collab With Sarah!

  1. CAPTAIN AMERICA ALL THE WAY!!!!! AND ALSO SPIDER-MAN!!!!! PArdoN me for fangirling so obnoxiously, but, well…. I simply couldn’t help it! I love Cap so much! ❤ ❤ ❤
    UGh, just puh-LEEZZZZZZ grind Thanos into tiny little specs of dust and stomp on them. Actually, I'll do it myself, with GREAT satisfaction! I. HATE. HIM. SO. MUCH. So yes, Sarah, I'm soooooo on the same level with you. *shakes head*
    Anyway, forgive me screaming practically all the way through my comment. *coughs* I love the conclusion to your collab, and a chance to state my opinion on the most epic superheroes ever and likewise the most despicable, leechy, flea-ridden, scum-bag of villains. Ever. 'Nuff said

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