25 of My Favorites in YouTube Entertainment

Just a bit ago I did a post aboutย what I was watching recently, and I thought it might be fun to do a post about some entertaining YouTube videos I like, in hopes that you would enjoy them too (plus you can really get to know someone through the YouTube Vids they watch, in my humble opinion.)

At first, I thought about just recommending channels I watch, but that didn’t seem like fun, plus there were quite a few videos I wanted to include that had nothing to do with me liking the channel as a whole. I do recommend Dude Perfect (if by chance you haven’t heard of them) and JSTU Studios/More JSTU.

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These videos can make me smile. You will see I like pranks, Sesame street, and things that are a bit over the top. ๐Ÿ™‚

SW an MCU Fanmade Videos and Tributes:

Anyone who knows me also knows I love Marvel and Star Wars. These are some of my favorite fanmade videos and tributes. If you haven’t seen Star Wars or Marvel Movies I suggest to not watch these (Spoilers)! Some of these are very chill and fun while others get very dramatic and intense (if you are sensitive to that, please beware).

Plain Entertaining:

These are videos that I could watch over and over. These range from impressive to cute.


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Which one of those are your favorites? What do you like to watch on YouTube? If you enjoyed the post feel free to hit that like button! Bye, for now, everyone!

-Jewel (1)

10 thoughts on “25 of My Favorites in YouTube Entertainment

  1. THAT DRUMMER THO. How?! TELL ME HOW!!! I need those skills in my life.
    I LOVE Dude Perfect! They are awesome! Which guy is your fave?
    I lordy. oh cotton headed ninnymuggins. The voice impressionist IS AMAZING!!!!!! So many different voices!
    The sheer amount of Marvel in here is EPIC. And Mark Hamill’s impression of the Joker is hilarious. XD
    The loud eating in the library tho? That was also fantastic. XD I would totally lose it laughing.
    Thanks for sharing these! ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

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    1. I know!!! That drummer is insane!
      Dude perfect IS awesome. I think I like Cory the best…
      Yes! James Arnold Taylor voices Obi-Wan Kenobi in my favorite show: The Clone Wars!
      Haha! Yes, Marvel! Yes, Mark Hammil voiced the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series.
      Hehe, I love Jstu. They are two super funny guys.
      Thank YOU for the comment!


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  2. I think I’ve seen some of these videos. I don’t really watch most YouTube but I love Saschavos. She makes short ‘Best of’ clips with different characters. Like ‘Best of Thor’ for example. I’m not allowed much screen time so I just watch her videos on the weekend.


  3. This is a really cool idea for a post!
    I really like the one that is Star Wars(Guardians of the Galaxy style) I’ve seen some other videos by the same people and they were really cool to see how different scenes and music can completely change a movie.
    I also like Google Translate Sings. That lady is hilarious, and she’s actually a pretty good singer.

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