How Disney PRINCES Have Improved

Ah! Prince Charming! What a guy! What a personality! He is just so… so… charming! *Faints*

Yes, I am being sarcastic. Forgive me in advance because I might get a bit comical. Today we talk about how Disney has definitely improved in making their princes.

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Disney started with a bang. The first prince they made was named… well he wasn’t actually given a name in the movie so… nevermind. Basically “Prince” (That’s what I’m naming him) was a plot device to wake up Snow White. He proceeded to smooch a fourteen-year-old dead girl. The end. Yeah. The dude needed help.

After a few years, the illustrious Prince Charming danced his way into the picture (literally). Disney was great with names, weren’t they? Honestly, though, I won’t argue. He was charming. The question is: was he anything else? Nope. Not really.

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I honestly feel bad for Cinderella…


Ok, ok, I might have been being a bit dramatic… but not by much. Eventually, Sleeping Beauty rolled around and the prince actually had a decent name. Yay?Β Disney seemed to give Philip at least a little more personality. He had a bit of humor, but he hardly spoke in the latter half of the movie. We know that Philip likes dancing with strange girls in the woods and… and… he was good at slicing with a sword… and… Yup. *Nervous smile*

I’m not really sure how to discuss Prince Eric. Personally,Β  I thought he kind of came across as a creepy girl chaser sometimes. As long as the girl had a gorgeous voice you could trust Eric to have that engagement ring ready. Ok, maybe, I’m being too hard on him. He was a big improvement to the previous guys. At least we got to know him more.

After the first few movies, the princes actually started to seem like human beings. Yes, I am really calling The Beast a human being.Β I really like The Beast as a character. The men started to truly be important characters like the girls and not just faces to kiss.

Aladdin is actually one of my favorite Disney Princes. He was the first one who didn’t start out like a prince… quite the contrary. He was funny, spirited, brave, kind, and imaginative. And *Gasp!* the whole movie was even named after him! “Prince” is now crying in a corner because Disney didn’t bother to name him, let alone title the movie after him.

Skipping ahead, to when Disney fed 2D animation to the dogs, we can see how the Disney Princes improved. Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert (Yeah, sorry “Prince” they actually gave him two names) probably was the most expressive (not just because of his animation) and unique “Princes” we had ever seen.

Eugene displayed a variety of emotions we had never seen in the princes before. Just imagine Prince Charming with the sarcasm of Eugene. I’m sorry you just fell out of your seat.Β Ok, Prince Charming was born into a higher culture than Eugene, but still, Disney didn’t have to make Prince C. a perfect nobody.

Then we have Frozen where Kristoff actually mocks love at first sight (take that, “Dead Girl Kissing Prince”). I mean, he even talks about how Hans (a real prince) definitely picks his nose. What happened to Disney? I never heard Eric talk about nose picking to Ariel! #Nosepickinglessonsformermaids

I got to relax… I’m making myself laugh.Β 

Kristoff wasn’t even a Prince, he was just a guy who sold ice and used a ridiculous voice to talk for his pet reindeer, yet he was ten million times more interesting than Mr. Charming.

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Disney Princes have changed! Who is your favorite Disney Prince? If you enjoyed the post I would appreciate you clicking that like button! Bye, for now, everyone!

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25 thoughts on “How Disney PRINCES Have Improved

  1. Yassss, Jewel speaks wisdom! And, oooh, I love your quote! Anyway, I totally agree with you (am I qualified to say that even when I haven’t seen the original disney movies fully?). I’ve seen and read enough to know that Disney really needed to work on their character building. They definitely improved. The beast is my fav prince. He’s not all sabby love nonsense, he feels pain. He also had a character ark, I really like them. I felt sorrow for him. So yeah, you’re so right, Disney princes have improved!

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  2. Oh my gosh yessss! SOOO TRUE! Could you imagine what it would be like if it was modern times?
    Prince Charming No.1 Be like, “Oh look, a dead body. She looks about 14. SHES PERFECT! I’m gonna kiss her. She dead anyway. OH MY GOSH! SHE’S ALIVE. Oh well, lets get married!”
    Prince Charming No.2
    “Oh wow she’s so pretty, I’m going to abandon all these other girls (that I’m to good for) and go dance with this other girl that’s so pretty and I didn’t even know she scrubs floors for a living!” LATER THAT NIGHT(after they kiss): Whoa now, where ya going, I don’t even know your name!”

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  3. Yup, the princes have definitely improved. As have the princesses. In the earlier movies the only characters with flaws were the quirky sidekicks. Flynn Ryder is my favorite prince. He seemed to have the most actual flaws and personality. The actor who voiced him plays Chuck Bartowski in Chuck and he plays a goofy, shy nerd who always wants to talk about his feelings and I was like, “Wait, hang on, did he voice Flynn Ryder??!!” XD..

    Liked by 1 person

    Ahem, forgive me. I should probably introduce myself. I’m known as Kenechi over at my little corner. *shakes hand*
    Anywho, ahaha YES! This is so funny and true I’m just dying over here. XD Aladdin is DEFINITELY one of my favorites, as well as Flynn! ❀ Especially when he questions the reasons for people bursting into song randomly. Btw, have you seen the new Aladdin?
    (fellow Marvel, Star Wars, and Batman fan over here!!! *flails*)
    I'm LOVIN' your blog. πŸ˜€ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AW! Thanks! *shakes hand* Kenchi is a cool name!
      YAY! XD Yes, I am totally with you there. Aladdin and Flynn are my favorites. ❀ LOL Definitely.
      I actually have not seen the new Aladdin yet, but I want to. I am still wondering if he'll be as good as the original…
      Thank you tons, Kenchi! That means a bunch to me!!! Have super a blessed day. πŸ™‚


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    1. Thanks! Yes, I actually have never seen that movie because of the witchcraft type stuff in it. That’s why I chose not to go through all of the Princes. I am sure Naveen is great though. πŸ™‚


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      1. Yes. That’s also why I don’t watch Harry Potter etc. I was bummed though because the Princess and the Frog was the first African American centered Disney Princess film.


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  5. *pops in*
    HI! I don’t think we’ve met, but I just wanted to say that this is PERFECT. I legit died laughing at all of them.
    It’s just *sniffs* So accurate. XD As far as princes go, ya gotta love Eugene.
    *continues to scroll up and die laughing once more*

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