I Got a DEAL on the Dark Knight Trilogy!

I Got a DEAL on the Dark Knight Trilogy! (1).png

How are my friends? Guess what I bought? You’ll never guess (unless you are the type of person who reads titles). It is the Dark Knight Trilogy Special Edition DVD set! I was stoked on getting these movies at a low price. Just to let you know in advance, there might be some spoilers for the movies.

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First, let me say (as you might have seen by the title) I received quite a deal on three of the most amazing Batman movies of all time. I had first seen the set of DVDs at Target. For all three movies, it was around $20-24 (I can’t remember exactly), but they were Blueray. I was quite dismayed because we do not use a Blueray player. We had to move on, despite it being quite a deal.

A few days later, we saw the non-Blueray set at Walmart for the same great price! I requested that my Mom buy them (since I lacked the money at the moment). She replied that she was not sure, and to wait until the next time we came. All I could hope is that they would still be there.

Ultimately she decided I should buy them with my own money. I offered to pay her back so we could get them before they were gone. She agreed. (Thank you, Mom!) We went back to Walmart and I rejoiced big time because the set had been lowered to only $16! There were no hesitationsβ€”those babies were coming with mama (AKA me).

Now one thing I did not mention is that the set came with exclusive mini-posters of the villains, but I will only be showing one of them (as an example) because a couple of them may be a bit too frightening for any young viewers. πŸ™‚


I really like the design of the slip.


This is the actual DVD case, listing all three movies.





The case has four DVDs. Three of them are the movies and the fourth is a DVD with just bonus features. If you tilt each DVD the pictures change slightly, fancy right?


Here is the poster I decided to show of Bane. If you are wondering, it says: Sometimes the pit sends something back. I like the Handrawn look of each of the posters. Also included was a letter from the director, which is very neat to have. If this is still available set near you I would strongly suggest purchasing it for yourself. It’s three movies for about the price of one!

Watching this trilogy, I’ve learned a lot about story and character.Β The plots are fantastic. Each film has a distinct atmosphere yet they all fit together well. Many say these are not just superhero films. They have a different impression than other movies in the genre. They are deep, serious, and very real. A billionaire deciding to fight crime while dressed as a bat probably could not be more believable.

The acting is extraordinary. Christian Bale is the best live-action Batman. Some people make fun of the low voice he does as Batman, but I actually love it. His Batman is unique. On the inside, Bruce Wayne really is Batman and not the public persona he puts on (though that persona is also well acted). Bruce is regularly doubted as a hero (even by himself), but we all know he really is one.

The villains are spot on and extremally threatening in different ways. Bane threatens Batman’s physical skill as well as trying to find the breaking point of his spirit. The Joker, while not wonderful in hand to hand combat, is more mentally threating and challenges Batman’s mind and morals. Ra’s al Ghul is more of an in-between of the two, challenging Batman’s ideas and capability, providing a variety of obstacles for the masked hero to overcome.

The antagonists have reasons for what they think they are doing is right, they are complex, and they have understandable/interesting goals which makes them opponents to never be forgotten. There are also characters who are in more of a moral grey area, which suggests to us our own daily experiences with a lost world.

I also enjoy the complex moral questions each film asks. Who deserves to live? How much should you bend your morals? When does giving up become an option? etc. Despite his rollercoaster of ups and mostly downs, Batman remains a symbol of justice and what is right.

The action scenes are unique and excellent as well. From the close-up combat to car chases to plane crashing, everything feels thrilling. I still can not believe Batman Begins was released 14 years ago!!! These films have aged phenomenally (not to quote Lego Batman).Β I become excited and inspired almost every time I see them as if it is my first time watching.

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Anyway, can you tell I was super happy? It is great to own these in DVD form because you never know when those pesky streaming services will remove your favorite movies from your reach (Netflix… I am looking at you). Plus I can bring movies to watch at other places with ease.

Do you enjoy watching the Dark Knight Trilogy? What is your favorite movie of the three? If you found yourself entertained by this post, I would love if you threw a Batarang at that like button (but only if you have good aim). Bye, for now, everyone!

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8 thoughts on “I Got a DEAL on the Dark Knight Trilogy!

  1. I find complexity very interesting and one of the many things Battlestar does so well is it doesn’t assume the audience is dumb. The creators assume the audience is smart (because we are) and able of handling a complex story with big issues.

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  2. Ooh, that’s awesome! The covers and poster are so neat! My bro, Timothy, got all three a few years ago (sadly without the posters). I watched them last year and they were EPIC! The Dark Knight was my favourite. I loved the conflict and I thought The Joker was an amazing villian. I really think Christopher Nolan is one of the best film directors out there!
    -Sarah ❀️

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  3. *skims through the post to avoid spoilers*

    I have actually never seen any of these movies, nor did I know it was a trilogy. I believe we have one of them? I’m more into Marvel. However, I did get a REALLY good deal on brand new DVDs of Iron Man-Black Panther last summer. (less than $100 on eBay)

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    1. Haha! Good plan. πŸ˜‰

      Yes, they are phenomenal. I am more of a Marvel fan as well, but I highly, highly recommend the Dark Knight Trilogy. I am pretty sure you would like them if you like Marvel. They are different than other DC movies. Christopher Nolan is a FANTASTIC director.
      That is awesome!!! I love deals! XD


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