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Join the TS Newsletter! (1)

Hello, my friends! Today we have a special post. I will still be posting tomorrow like normal, but today I have an announcement!

I have officially started a Treasured Script email list!

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It is FREE to subscribe!

By subscribing you will get bonus content delivered to your inbox, including:

  • ExclusiveΒ Content

I plan to write one-of-a-kind short stories and share them exclusively with the TS email list, as well as other things. My subscribers will be able to give me feedback.

  • First Looks

By signing up you will receive upcoming post ideas and access to specific content before the rest of my normal audience!

  • TS Polls and Surveys

I do not plan to post many more surveys on the blog. By joining the newsletter you will be a larger participant in what this blog does than the average reader by taking private polls and surveys.

  • Post Updates

You will also receive updates for the latest posts with a large featured image and button to my blog to introduce you to the newest post!


Ultimately you will get to know me a bit better. I would love to hear literally any ideas you might have for the TS newsletter so that I can cater to more of my readers’ interests. Tell me in the comments: What else can I include?

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If you also do not have a WordPress account this is the way to follow my blog, and it’s definitely nicer than the WordPress emails. XD It simple, fast, and free. You will get an informative Welcome email right after you sign up.

You can subscribe and join the family on the sidebar or…

Click here to sign up:

Join the TS Newsletter!

Thank you, guys! I cannot wait to see you there! Bye, for now, everyone!


16 thoughts on “Join the TS Newsletter!

      1. No problem! I got the welcome email yesterday, it was great! Loved the layout and the sweet introduction! ❀️


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