4 Questions To Find An Idea For Your Story!

4 Questions To Find An Idea For Your Story! (1)

Why hello! Sometimes we want to write, but our brain refuses to come up with a storyline. Well, today I have a 4 different questions that will spark your mind to create a unique plot for your story. To really create a plot you need conflict, but with these tips, you can find a founding idea and then build conflict off of it.

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Not many people realize the beauty in the friendship of young and old.

Find beauty in an unusual place.

So many of the things that excite us have a perfect reason too: they capture our attention. It is hard to ignore fireworks, but what about those things that normally we wouldn’t find beautiful, or even bother thinking about at all. If you can find beauty in an unusual place, it can make a great start to a story idea. Sure fireworks are beautiful and attention-grabbing, but what about the filthy homeless man in the corner? Tell me why is he beautiful and interesting.

A good kid doesn’t always mean a good adult. (Ok so, Kung Fu Panda is not about this, but it is still a neat observation.)

Find evil in an unusual place.

There are many things that this world does not view as bad but that are or can be. Figure out what those are. There can also be too much of a good thing or just evil somewhere you would not expect it. Independence is good, but is it good to the point where we push away others?

What if being born with multiple talents and interests was bad?

What if normal was NOT normal?

Think of something normal and then ask: What if it wasn’t that way? If we always just wrote about normal people in normal circumstances we would not have very varied and exciting stories. Babies cry. What if they did not?

In other words: men dressed like bats are not normal, but now they are. BATMAN!

What if NOT normal WAS normal?

This is the flip of the previous tip. In some circumstances, this question is not much different from the first, but I am showing it separately because it can. Think of something NOT normal and then ask: What if it WAS that way? This can be slightly harder to do because you have to use your imagination more, but it is still fairly easy. What if hatred was viewed as positive?

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Those were just 4 questions! Can you think of any more? If you enjoyed the post be sure to hit that like button and leave a comment! Love to you all! Bye for now everyone!


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