(Looking at Characters) Why I Love The Clones ❤️

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Hiya! Today, I want to inspire you to look at your own favorite book and movie/TV characters and why you like them. This can help you to figure out what you personally like in characters, and even to create likable characters of your own. This is also an excuse for me to rant about clones, so I apologize, but I just had to post this…

So, there are a few TV shows and Movies I’m a fan of. STAR WARS is definitely there at the top of the list.

And it’s not for no reason, a well-done character is a major element for pretty much anyone to enjoy fictional content, especially including me. I’m going to show you what an amazing character looks like: a Clone. Get ready for the gifs. Oh, and spoilers ahead for the Clone Wars TV show.

Separate image.png

Rex defends his brothers.

The Clone Wars show expanded a whole lot on the character of the clones, an army of identical warriors, cloned on the planet of Kamino. Now, what is crazy is that even though all these clones are technically the same person (Jango Fett), they all have something that makes them unique. Today, I’m going to generalize the qualities that apply to most of the clones. Some of them may not qualify for some of the categories, but that just shows how different they are.

Hardcase being excited about the battle.

First of all, by “different,” I’m not talking about their haircuts or way they inflect their voices differently. They actually have different personalities! Some are more serious, daring, humorous, energetic, just, prideful, humble, and talkative than others.

Hevy wins an arm wrestling match.

It makes me wonder if the “same person” really could be that different, and if so, it shows how even the simplest life experiences can change us.

Anakin and Rex searching for Fives.

The clones are fiercely loyal and will stay by their general’s side through thick and thin, even if they aren’t always treated properly, which can be often if their general doesn’t hold respect for them.

Fives telling Rex, what he believes.

But, that doesn’t mean they have no sense of right and wrong. They might often struggle with whether loyalty or doing what is truly right would be better. But ultimately, I believe most of the clones would choose the right thing, over complete loyalty.

Hevy attacks droids after delivering a snappy comeback.

Some of my favorite clones are the ones who are humorous. It is interesting how some have different types of humor too. Some try to be funny, some are just funny without knowing it. 🙂

Fives morns Tup’s death.

One of the saddest things in all of Star Wars is that the clones are often not seen as equals to the rest. Funerals never seem to happen for clones, yet they happen for “high up” and “important” figures all the time.


Plo Koon rescues his men.

I get that there are a lot of clones that die, but there is hardly ever even a group funeral or some sort of tribute to them in Star Wars. Even the clones themselves seem to have excepted this fact and don’t always consider their lives as important as that of someone like a Jedi.

Fives and Rex contemplate the future.

They believe war is all they are meant for, and they are not wrong. They were created to fight. Isn’t it odd that the “good guys” were the ones to create millions of human beings so they could be forced to go battle and most likely die? 😦

Commander Wolffe doesn’t like to hear C-3PO’s chatter.

Random fact: Since clones have accelerated aging (So they’ll be ready to fight sooner), a 10-year old clone is an equivalent to a 20-year-old human. Because of this, even if they don’t die in battle, they still will probably live a shorter life than they would have otherwise.

Fives defends himself.

But, many clones do think they are worth something at least. It breaks my little heart that they have to speak up about it for themselves because not many others will.

Captain Rex corrects General Krell’s speaking down to him.

I like that the clones know when allowing themselves to be pushed around has gone way too far. They stand up for themselves when they deem that their poor treatment, or treatment of their brothers, goes overboard.

Cut, a deserter, talks about his past to Rex.

And yes, they call each other brothers and they really treat each other that way. They are a good team.

Fives’s death

Some form inseparable bonds and friendships, and it is apparent they care about each other’s lives more than their own.

Fives really did not want his brain wiped.

Their personalities are not the only reason I love them. They are great warriors, and can really do some damage.

Commander Thorn blasts droids on his own

It is true they are FAR superior to droids in skill.

Hevy sacrifices himself

They are much more intelligent, being human, and can make decisions a droid never could.

Separate image.png

So, that is why I love the clones. My favorite clones are from top to bottom are, Rex, Fives, Hardcase, and Hevy. Now that I think about it, they were all part of the 501st attack battalion, Anakin’s battalion.

A dying Fives speaks to Rex

Who is your favorite Star Wars character? If you don’t watch Star Wars, or you’re not a huge fan, What is a different character in a movie/TV show or book you like?  Now stop and think, why exactly do you like them so much? Tell me in the comments! Bye, for now, everyone!


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