Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse (Movie Review)

Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse (Movie Review)

Hey, hey, hey people! I hope you had a Merry Chrismas! On Christmas Eve we went and saw the new movie: Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse.

Today I’m going to do a spoiler-free review of it, with the option to read what might be considered very minor spoilers at the end.

miles spiderman.jpg

The man behind the mask of Spider-Man is generally thought of as “Peter Parker,” (especially in the movie world) but this movie had a refreshing spin with the Miles Morales Spider-Man (Shameik Moore) as the main character. He was an exceptional character that you could sympathize with.

3 spider people

Behind him in screen time, the mentor-like character was the well known Peter Parker Spider-Man (Jake Johnson), though they did give him some interesting internal struggles that he slowly worked past throughout the movie (more in the spoiler section).

Gwen Stacie/Spider-Woman (Hailee Steinfeld) was also main. She was a little bit of a crush for Miles and had her own minor internal struggle to deal with as well.

spider team 2

Later introduced: Spider-Noir (Nicolas Cage), a serious black and white Spider-Man; Peni Parker (Kimiko Glenn), a Japanese animation girl from the future; and Spider-Ham (John Mulaney), a very cartoony spider-pig; all had their own special moments.


Kingpin (Liev Schreiber), the main villain, had a tragic backstory that was easy to sympathize with (more in the spoiler section), though supporting his plan was not. He had a very literal massive presence (maybe wider than he was tall). XD

jumping spiderman

Alright, this movie was straight-up amazing to watch. It was shot in 12 frames/sec instead of the more common 24 frames/sec, which made the movie look crisp and detailed since you saw each frame longer than the norm. It looked like you were in a comic book.

3 spider people 2

In the moments of amazing action, it felt like you were in it. I loved the way the camera tilted and followed the characters. It was a pretty intense movie to get away with a PG rating.

peter and miles.jpg

There were a few minor curse words that were not too blatant. There were many hilariously entertaining (maybe laugh out loud) moments and also some very sorrowful moments (I did tear up). For younger viewers, the first main fight of the movie might be a bit scary (more in the spoiler section). There was one pop-out moment that made my sister jump hilariously high.

If you were wondering, my favorite character was Peter Parker, Miles being a close second.Β  To be completely honest, it was probably my favorite movie of the year, especially since my favorite Marvel superhero is Spider-Man. πŸ™‚

Minor Spoilers For More Awareness:

  • In the first fight, the Green Goblin has a scary appearance and is very intimidating, the fight is lightened a bit with some sentences from Spider-Man.
  • Miles says “I think I hit puberty!” when he realizes his pants are too small, but we all know it was because he was bitten by the radioactive spider.
  • Kingpin’s wife and son died in a car crash and he is trying to bring them back from another dimension.
  • Peter Parker says to the audience that he “split up” with his wife Mary Jane and is shown sadly signing papers. He does not seem happy with it at all, and eventually, he wants to make amends.
  • There were 2 bloodless but very impactful deaths.

miles spiderman 2


I’m going to give this movie 4 and a half stars. I almost wish there was such a thing as 3/4ths of a star, but, oh well. XD


Check out the TRAILER.

Have you thought about watching Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse? Have you seen it already? Tell me in the comments! If you enjoyed this post be sure web grenade a like! Bye for now, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse (Movie Review)

  1. I actually really want to see this movie! Like you, Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel character as well. I was especially stoked that Spider-Gwen was in this movie, I can’t help but think it’s funny that she wears pointe shoes though. As a pointe dancer myself I do appreciate that they ACTUALLY tied the pointe shoes right for once XD but at the same time I can’t imagine fighting and running around in them all day. While if you kick someone in the face with them on it would hurt like crazy and probably break their nose, but they hurt just to stand in them for an hour, let alone run in them which is pretty difficult as well. Sorry that was kinda random XD Anywho, I’m kinda surprised that they cursed in the movie, it blows my mind sometimes how far they try to push ratings. It looks like it was really good anyway though! Thanks for the review!
    -Katie πŸ™‚

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    1. YES! LOL, It’s so funny that as a dancer you pay attention to those things! I literally did not notice that for the longest time, but it is so neat! I’m glad they tied them correctly then. XD OW! XD Yeah, if it weren’t for the cursing I would have probably given it 5 stars, but my Mom didn’t even catch the words even though me and my sibs did. It IS!!! No problem!


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