When Someone Asked Me if I was Obsessed with a Celebrity


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Hi you all. πŸ™‚ Jewel here! I apologize for not posting last week, I was kinda busy and didn’t get around to it. 😦 I do ask for prayers for my Mom. She has been feeling sick lately with something we are having a hard time identifying. It seems she’s getting better though, so praise for that!

I’m not sure how long this post will be, but I wanted to address something that happened to me the other day. So here is a little story for you. XD

The next picture is of my phone case (so don’t read the back if you don’t want Infinity War spoilers. My dad asked me, “Who puts spoilers on the back of there phone?” To which I can reply “me” because I like them. There is not another reason I can think of. And not everyone is going to see the back of my phone right? XD):


This ^ is my Spider-man phone case. It used to be plain black with a faux leather backing that started to peel off. Because I thought it a waste of money to buy a new phone case (and this one had saved my phone many, many a time) I redesigned the backing. It might look like a terrible craft project but I like it. XD You’ll see how this ties into the story in a moment.

The drawing I am currently working on.

Anyway, I just started some art classes in which a few girls take part and who, on the first appearance, seemed to be the typical stereotype. I do feel bad to say that because I do not know them well enough to really know yet, but everyone has first impressions, including me. Anyway, I had basically two hours to listen to them talk, even though it was mostly about things I had no knowledge about.

Tom hollad infinity war

I was not the only newcomer. There were 2 other new girls, one of whom I was able to speak a few sentences with. At the end of class, I happened to place my phone on the table. I hadn’t noticed, but one of Spider-man’s eyes had fallen off inside my overalls. XD (That just shows you how much of a craft project this was.) Anyway, the girl saw my phone and was able to still recognize my favorite superhero.


She asked me if I was a fan of Tom Holland. I can’t remember exactly what I responded. My mind was kind of stuck. I think Tom Holland comes across as a nice guy, but I’m really of a fan of Spider-man, not him. I might have said something like, “Well, I’m a fan Spider-man.”

spiderman interview.gif
Interview with Tom Holland

She perked up and asked:

“Oh you’re a Holland-er?!”

By that, she meant: Am I completely obsessed with Tom Holland? My mind instantly went to all the things I’ve seen on the internet about teen girls being absolutely in love with Tom Holland, pinning pictures of him on Pinterest, making memes about him, and wanting to see all the movies he was in. The answer was NO. NO, I am NOT a “Holland-er” as she said. I was not going to be rude and say that right in her face though, so I said:

“Well, I’m a fan of his rendition of Spider-man.”


She didn’t have time to reply because we were interrupted. My mom picked me up and I started to vent my feelings to her in the car. We like to talk, so I started to say how obsessing over a celebrity is not a good idea.

In fact, I’ve come to realize that total obsession with anything worldly is dangerous, but let’s stay with the subject at hand.

spider coat.jpg

First of all, it OK to have a celebrity crush. The thing that is NOT OK is to start obsessing completely over them. Let’s be honest, you’ll probably never even meet the person, and even if you do, you probably won’t have time to get to know them, are really not in the right age range for them, or most likely come to know something about them that isn’t so praise worthy. I’m even pretty sure Tom Holland is not a Christian, which just gives me yet another reason not to idolize him.

AHHH!!! spider man.gif

There’s that word too, “Idol.” Literally, anything can become an idol, sometimes I think ESPECIALLY celebrities. The Bible specifically tells us to NOT have idols. I get it, resisting total obsession is hard (I struggle with it), but if it’s interrupting time with God, the obsession is the thing in the way, and needs to dial down a few notches. Remember there are other things to live for.

*Takes notes on own words*

enhanced combat mode.gif

So yeah, I REALLY like Spider-man, and Tom Holland did a fantastic job, but I have to be careful not to become obsessed with him. He’s just a dude doing his job after all. He’s not really even a celebrity crush of mine, I just really like the character.

Maybe next time I’ll be more prepared for the obsession question. “No, I’m not a Holland-er,Β Spider-man is just a fantastic superhero, and Tom Holland’s rendition of him is my favorite.”

Do you have an obsession that needs to dial down? Believe me, I totally get it. If you enjoyed the post be sure to hit that like button to support it. Bye, for now, everyone!



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6 thoughts on “When Someone Asked Me if I was Obsessed with a Celebrity

  1. This was a really really well written post. I sometimes struggle with obsessions, but, just as you said, if it takes your focus away from the Father, it has become an idol. I am on the same page as well, I like Spider-man, and Tom Holland’s rendition of the hero, but that’s as far as it goes. I think you did pretty well answering the girl without being rude. πŸ™‚
    ~ The Human

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  2. This is so true and very relevant. Honestly, I feel like most celebrities are NOT people that young teens, or anybody, need to be looking up to. Not all of them, just most. BTW, you are a really great artist – that drawing is INCREDIBLE!!!

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  3. I agree. I’m not obsessed with a celebrity, either. I do, however, dislike that people hate on them. May of them are friends to animals, the earth or are fighting for equality. Some are openly Christian. Some are brats, though. And being an actor myself, I like seeing good actors. I don’t get obsessing over people, though. It’s potentially harmful. So, while I like and appreciate celebrities but idolizing them doesn’t seem like a good idea. That’s just my opinion.

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