The Teen Girl Stereotype and Why I Don’t Like it.

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Hey guys! Today I have an interesting post. It’s just some food for thought. I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments at the end!!!

Ok so, three words: Teen Girl Stereotype. The media shoves it into our faces, and I, being a teen girl myself, am annoyed, tired, and insulted.

Do you know what I mean? Here’s the impression I’m getting:

The Teen Girl Stereotype says:

Teen Girls: 

  • Are ALWAYS wondering what others think about them
  • Boy crazy
  • Self-absorbed
  • Door slamming, angry complainers most of the time
  • Phone/social media absorbed
  • Uninterested and annoyed with family

If those sound exaggerated, they aren’t by much. This is NO BUENO.

I’m tired of watching teen girls in movies yelling at their siblings to get out of their room. I want a girl to go into her brother’s room and decide to play blocks with him.


Constantly in Movies and TV teen girls are the most uninspiring characters. Often, people can be given a pre-conceived idea of what a teen girl MUST act like because of the media and other stereotypical incidents they’ve witnessed. Even I had this idea about other teens because of what I had seen on TV!


I’m not saying that this stereotype isn’t common in real life either. I’ve personally struggled with a few of the stereotypical points above, but I’m not proud of any of them. All I want is a good teen role model for once. I’m not saying that teens can never have any of these flaws in media, but I would love if they had more internal reflections and worked past those things.

Honestly, people make fun of teen girls because of these things and it makes me sad.



If you’re a teen girl, do you want to conquer that stereotype? You can. I want to.



Remember those points I gave? The first 3 pretty much go hand in hand.

I’ve struggled with what others think about me. Growing as a teen girl, you are discovering who you’re going to be. Often when a teen girl is comparing herself to others, and wondering what they (including boys) think about her, it almost like a kind of “test” of their worth. Trust me, IT IS NOT. In turn, a girl can become very self-absorbed, trying to perfect themselves in ways that don’t matter.

Psalm 139:13-14 English Standard Version (ESV)

For you formed my inward parts;
    you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
    my soul knows it very well.

Worth for all humans comes from God NOT other (just as sinful) humans. So it doesn’t matter what others think about you, as long as you are focusing on doing what God wants you to.


Ah, the anger and whining…

This is one of those things that bothers me the most when I’m watching a teen girl on TV. Don’t get me wrong, being angry isn’t always wrong. Jesus himself flipped over tables in anger at the people who were selling things in God’s temple. However, It seems that teen girls hardly ever have a righteous reason to be door slamming angry. The Bible says:

Philippians 2:14 English Standard Version (ESV)

Do all things without grumbling or disputing,

By all things, it means ALL things.

I seriously need to work on that one.

Ephesians 4:32 English Standard Version (ESV)

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.


 Family = 👍 , Hours on the phone = 👎

Ok, so here is where it gets more real. I’m subscribed to Brio Magazine (a magazine by Focus on the Family for teenage girls), and I was dismayed when I saw an article in the September issue about actually putting down your phone to talk with your Grandparents. I thought, “Do teen girls nowadays really need to be told this?!”

Isn’t it sad? Grandchildren are supposed to be the crown of their grandparents head (Proverbs 17:6). I hope I am earning that title.

Did you know that teenagers spend on average 9 hours of their day on social media?!

That’s more than 1/4th of their day!!!

Besides the fact that that is unhealthy, there are many more productive things to do with time, like, I don’t know… spending time with loved ones!

Family is a gift.

It can be hard, but remember, always to:

Exodus 20:12 English Standard Version (ESV)

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.

And hey, if we can be kind to others outside our family, why not also be kind and loving to our family, putting their needs before our own? It will help strengthen our relationships.


What do you say? If you are a teenage girl, are you going to defeat the stereotype and show others the real, best you? I want to.

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18 thoughts on “The Teen Girl Stereotype and Why I Don’t Like it.

  1. What an awesome, inspiring post! So well written, Jewel! I totally hear you, I think that the way teens are represented on TV is a bad influence as well. My BFF a long time ago, (who was very much the stereotype kinda teen) ended up bullying me after my ballet teacher moved me to the front line in our dance and her a line behind me. Now I never really thought about it because my teacher moves us around a lot when deciding what we’ll do in a dance piece. But she just started putting me down in class and in front of my teacher, I was so hurt and confused why she’d do that. So even now that friendship has ended, it still sticks in my mind, I don’t ever want to be that kind of person that hurts others because of jealousy, (<That's another one I hear a lot is that girls are always jealous) but I want to encourage others and shine God's love.

    So after that SUPER long comment, my point is that being that kind of stereotype girl can hurt others, and I feel like TV teens actually ENCOURAGE that! I think we should always strive to be kind to others and remember that it doesn't matter what people think of us, the only thing that matters is if we are doing our best to be the kind of people God wants us to be! Ok I'll end my comment now 😂
    -Katie 🙂

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    1. Thank you a bunch, Katie! Aw man, that’s awful, I’m so sorry. Yes, jealousy is a big one too.

      YES! I totally think TV encourages it. I don’t know why, but maybe it is just for more drama. Yes, Amen 🙂
      LOL No worries, I LOVE long comments! XD


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  2. This is a great post. I think you are on the right track about the stereotyping of teen girls. It’s sad. It’s kind of corny but to get good teen girl role models you have to go back to TV and movies of the early 80s and before. Even then you will find a few that fit the behaviors you list above, but not quite as many.

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  3. Yes! This is such a sad stereotype, but, even more sad, it is true sometimes. I totally struggle with these things some times, but no one can completely avoid sin, that’s why I am so thankful for God’s grace. I really appreciate how you put so many scripture verses in this post. Great job! 🙂
    ~ The Human

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  4. Wow, this was an EXCELLENT post, Jewel! It was so well-written and true! I hate teen girl stereotypes (or just teenager stereotypes in general) because they’re so unrealistic and insulting… but it’s sad to think that those stereotypes arose because they are too-often true. *sigh* I sure need to work on the stereotypical points you mentioned – some more than others! 😉
    Thanks again for the lovely post, dear. 🙂

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  5. I really, really hate the teen girl stereotype and on TV shows they are all complete brats. I mean, yes I get angry about silly things sometimes (we all do) but once I realize I’m wrong I try really hard to make it up to them and NOT to do it in the future. Not saying I’m perfect but at least I try. Also, they all seem to be downright rude. I have a sassy/sarcastic personality but its not cruel. I just might comment on a plot twist that came out of nowhere that makes no sense but I don’t make fun of people. Except myself in a joking way or if I am absolutely positive that that specific person knows I’m teasing and won’t get hurt. Like my sister calls me weird nicknames all the time and we kinda make fun of each other but in a fun way and if someone gets hurt we stop.
    Also your Bible is so freaking GORGEOUS. I love the design.

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