Why I am Excited for Disney Play in 2019

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*Update: The name is now actually confirmed to be DISNEY PLUS not Disney Play

YO! How are you? I’m pretty good. 🙂

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It seems like there will be so much happening in 2019 for the world of TV and movies (Star Wars 9 anyone?). For one thing, Disney’s new streaming service will be emerging.

Instead of a TV provider, my family has Apple TV so we watch things on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime etc. I’m really stoked about Disney’s new service supposedly going to be called Disney Play (a competitor to companies like Netflix). Here are some of the reasons:

The Place for all things Disney:

Seriously, if you want to watch something from Disney this is going to be a great place to go.

Hiro Hugging Baymax.gif

Apparently, it will have about 400 to 500 Disney movies to choose from as well as 7,000 TV episodes from shows.

It won’t include some of the movies it has already given permission for other companies to use, but it will have some of the latest movies coming in 2019 like Toy Story 4 and Captain Marvel!

Excited Rapunzel.gif

It will be even cheaper than Netflix’s $8 to $14 a month! That sounds great, especially when Netflix is considering the addition of ads to their service. BLECK 😦

Marvel TV Shows:

Some of the characters in the Marvel universe are not getting as much attention as they need…


…but no need to worry! Reportedly, Disney Play will be adding some exclusive Marvel shows for characters like Loki and the Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff!

Scarlet Witch awesome move!.gif

The series of shows are going to be about 6 to 8 episodes long, which makes sense since they will be using the original high-cost actors/actresses. So, not your typical TV series, but I actually think I might prefer a shorter series. It would be like a really long movie. 🙂

Jane slaps Loki.gif

I am assuming they will be rated TV-14 like the “Agents of Shield” show and not TV-MA like “Luke Cage”, “Daredevil”, etc. (which I have never seen). It would make sense since the movies Loki and Wanda were present in were rated PG-13 (basically the movie equivalent to TV-14).

The Clone Wars Returns:

Since we have Netflix, I was introduced to Star Wars: The Clone Wars through that. My sister and I love the show, and it did not have the happiest of endings leaving us to wonder about some of our favorite characters. Turns out, way back when Disney bought Lucasfilm they canceled the show to make room for Star Wars: Rebels (which was much less superior, but none the less a good show.)

Anyway, a surprising trailer was dropped at Comic-Con announcing the return of the beloved show.

Rex pops droid neck.gif

You can watch the awesome trailer right HERE.

The clne wars saved.jpg

The new episodes will be released on none other than Disney Play! It will be finishing the story with 12 episodes for Season 7! A while back they released some unfinished episodes (unfinished meaning the animation was not complete) and that’s all we thought we would get, but now it’s back. I’m hoping to see the siege of Mandalore and more about Anakin’s turn to the Dark side. >:)

I am so hyped for this! It is time to make way for Disney Play in the ever-growing line of streaming services. 🙂


That’s what I’m excited about! What are you excited about? Have you heard of Disney’s new streaming service? Are you hoping to get it? Let’s chat in the comments! If you found this post interesting be sure to drop a like! Bye for now, everyone!


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