What would be the ULTIMATE Kid’s Show?

Greetings everybody! I am excited to really get down and posting on this blog. Today I thought it would be fun to discuss what would make the ultimate show for kids. Really, you could probably never find your ideal PERFECT show (though I’m not saying it is not possible), but it is fun to fantasize, right? I’m not a little kid anymore, but I like to observe my younger siblings (my little brothers especially) to see how they react to TV shows.

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Let’s start off by saying that stuff that would be above the PG rating, is definitely NOT for kids. With that in mind, we can discern the best kind of show for average boys and girls. I do understand that kids will enjoy different things as they age, so let’s say this is for ages 5-8? IDKΒ Yeah, I know all these pictures are of my 3-year-old brother.Β 


The Potty Language Factor:

Man, I see this more and more, and I guess some people think inserting potty language in a show is the easiest way to make kids laugh. The fact is though, it’s not a laughable matter. I feel like I’ll be saying this a lot, but some shows seem to greatly underestimate kids power to understand. Kids will laugh at a lot of the things that even adults will. Sure, maybe complex plays on words will skip past them, but there are lots of other things that will bring a kid real joy.

Alternative Laughable Content:

Have you ever watched some of those silent Buster Keaton movies? (Look them up on Youtube if you haven’t.) They may be old fashioned, have no talking, and be in black and white, but when we watched some of them with my 3-year-old brother he started cracking up! Slapstick comedy is hilarious, and kids love it. I don’t usually laugh out loud at TV shows, but those Buster Keaton movies had me going as well. Kids also love funny noises, and no I’m not talking about the “fart noise,” but just those comedy folly noises can help laughter abound. Kids enjoy absurd situations. Just a character floating upside down with a blank face in outer space can be funny to some kids. There is so much, but for the sake of time, I’ll end there.


The Blunt Cheese:

Consider a kid show that says this in the end: “Sharing is caring.” OK… that’s nice… and I might add: usually true, but seriously, isn’t that kind of cheesy? I am NOT saying I’m against good morals in kids’ shows: NOT AT ALL, but I’ll say it again, in being so blunt that quote really underestimates kids’ thinking power.

Show it, Don’t Shove it:

Kids can get the message of a story even if it is literally not shoved in their faces. If you give kids a simplistic, realistic situation where one character is struggling internally, not wanting to share, and then chooses to do so in the end, the kid will get it. It doesn’t need to be made a big deal of. It also doesn’t have to be an exclusively “sharing story,” but just one of the conflicts a character encounters in that specific episode. It would also be great if it wasn’t “sharing” in a typically expected way (the toy, or lunch, etc.), but something different like an experience. If it is shoved in their faces, my theory is that it will actually make kids think more lightly of the subject because it doesn’t seem realistic enough.


Violence and the Scare:

Earlier, when I was talking about slapstick comedy, that meant no real harm comes to the character. I’m sure you’ll agree that kids shows don’t need a plentiful array of blood, guts, and gore. Scraping a knee, or even breaking an arm is fine, so long as it is not gruesome. Also, frightening kids isn’t ideal. It doesn’t uplift them, and they will probably end up having scary dreams and not even want to watch that show again.

Alternative Conflict:

Fighting bad guys is pretty noble, take one of my all-time favorite shows, for example, Ninjago. This show (especially in the earlier seasons) while having its share of move busting isn’t too intense for kids. It did have some scary episodes though, which some children might be sensitive to. I believe it is not cool to freak a kid out with something super scary. It is OK to give the kid a “scare” in ways like worrying for a character to not fall off the high wire etc., but not having a creepy evil witch cackling in the dark night.


Heros And Villians:

Kids like to root a hero on, and if there is a villain, they want that character to lose in the end. A good hero isn’t just a villain buster, but also a character who struggles with internal conflicts. Ultimately the hero will make things right, but it’s good to show that nobody is perfect. Kids don’t want the villain to succeed of course, but it is nice to see a villain be redeemed ever so often. It shows kids even the bad guys don’t have to be hopeless causes. In a not too complex way, it can be interesting to make the bad guy relatable (take for example Thanos’ plot to “help” the universe in Infinity War… No, I am NOT suggesting you take a kid to go see that movie), but have the kid find out that the bad dude was doing it the wrong way in the end.

Boys and Girls:

Obviously, the ideal show would be for both boys and girls. The two genders tend to have different preferences, little boys tend to lean more towards the action (I personally love action), while little girls like the conversation stuff (I like that too). A good show would have both boy and girl characters and include things both boys and girls would like.

Well, there you go. Those are the elements that would (or wouldn’t) make my ideal kid’s show!

I hope you enjoyed! If you did, be sure to give this post a like! What is your ideal kid’s show? Do you agree or disagree with these points? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below! Bye for now, everyone!


P.S. I am literally freaking out because the Star Wars the Clone Wars series is coming back! Check out the trailer HERE. (Make sure you stay till after the name comes on the screen.)




12 thoughts on “What would be the ULTIMATE Kid’s Show?

  1. I totally agree with these! Growing up my family was very careful about what we watched, and I saw my cousins awhile back (They’re about 4 and 7) and I was totally shocked by what they were allowed to watch! I would have never been allowed to watch those kind of things when I was there age, so it’s just something that always shocks me. So I think the show you’re picturing sounds great for kids! And yes, Ninjago is an AWESOME show πŸ˜€
    -Katie πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, I think sometimes Ninjago got a little iffy for younger kids. I wouldn’t show some of the episodes (like the phantom ones) to my younger cousins. But for us older peeps? They’re awesome. XD



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