Yo, yo, yo! It is time for TS’s first Q&A post! Thank you to all who gave me these awesome questions!

Do you prefer gummy candy or chocolate?Β 

UGH! This is SO hard. Some of you might know I can’t have sugar, but there is such a thing as sugar-free candy. I’m going to say chocolate because I feel like I wouldn’t get sick of it as quickly unless it was really sweet. I’m still second-guessing this decision…

Credit to Pinterest

What genre of books do you prefer?

I like a lot of different genres but I do like fiction adventure stories (which is actually what I’m writing) and those old Victorian romances like Pride and Prejudice. Anything that is too fanciful, I’m not that into.

Why did you start a new blog?

I started a new blog because I wanted to focus on other things I was very passionate about besides dolls, and… I thought it would be fun. There have been so many things I’ve wanted to talk about that wouldn’t make sense to be on my other blog. XD

What is your favorite type of cookie?

I really like Oatmeal Raisin cookies and Snickerdoodles!

If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be?

I would want to meet Shuri from Black Panther because she is so much fun, and is a teen like me!

Credit to Pinterest

What’s one place you’d like to go someday?

Israel! My mom went there with her friends when she was younger, and the place is just so full of Biblical history. πŸ™‚

Do you have a hidden talent?Β 

XD Well, I can pull my foot back and in front of my stomach. XD Does that count?

Sorry if this picture of me is totally disturbing. XD

Something you wish you could do?

Fly. OH, MY GOSH. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! I wouldn’t have to worry about falling or anything, just look up and down and… yes.

Favorite food?

TACOS. Need I say more? Well, they do have to be a specific kind. I’m not talking about Taco Bell here, folks. I’m talking about what are called Californian Mexican tacos, or my Mom’s signature amazing homemade tacos! She fries the shells herself. YUM.

Tacos 3
Credit to Pinterest

What color is your hair naturally?

I’m a brunette, so I have dark brown hair which means for the Jade color I have right now, I had to bleach my hair first so the color would be vibrant enough. You might be able to see my roots coming in:


Favorite minor and major Stars Wars character?

Well, I think Boba Fett counts as a minor character, because he was barely in the movies, but IDK. He is SO cool though.

My favorite Major character is either Kylo Ren (I am SO hoping he’ll turn to the light) or Rey because she is just the sweetest thing ever. Wait… I also really like Ahsoka Tano (especially her late Clone Wars version)… and I can’t forget Chewbacca! SERIOUSLY, I cannot choose… 😦

Credit to Pinterest

If you could change your eye color, what would you change it to? (If you would even want toΒ πŸ˜‰)

Ugh… I like my brown eyes a lot. If I absolutely HAD to I would want red flame looking eyes, which sounds creepy, but it might be cool. I am pretty sure it’s not natural though… XD


Those were a ton of fun to answer! Have you gathered I can be indecisive? XD Before you go, It would mean a lot if you would take this SUPER quick survey to better my blog to your interests:

The Survey

Adios amigos! If you liked this post be sure to give it a like! Do we have anything in common? Tell me in the comments! Bye for now, everyone!



16 thoughts on “NEW BLOG Q&A ANSWER POST!

  1. Ooooooooo tacos are amazing! LOL love the taco meme too XD You probably already said why awhile back on this question but I forgot XD why can’t you have sugar? Oh wow that’s crazy what you can do that with your leg, I can actually do this thing when I sit on the floor were I pull my legs behind me and over my shoulders, which creeps a lot of people out XD
    -Katie πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAASSS! XD Yes, that taco meme is awesome. Oh NP, I’m most likely hypoglycemic, sugar can make me start shaking uncontrollably and I become pale, etc. My mom had the same problem when she was younger. I also have to be careful with white bread because it can turn into sugar. 😦 Oh wow! That’s so cool! I’m definitely not that flexible! XD


      Liked by 1 person

  2. I took the survey:)
    Awesome answers Jewel! OMG I love Shuri! She is so awesome. I love all of those Star Wars characters too! They are all so cool!!! Aww, I didn’t know you can’t have sugar:( I kind of feel ya, I’m allergic to gluten.
    Have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem! Yah SHURI!!! By the way, your hidden talent is soooo cool! It’s ok, once you get used to it it’s not a big deal:)
        Oh, that’s good:)
        I love snickerdoodles too!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I love that tacos quote…*sighs*
    And meeting Shuri would be cool!
    And I can’t have sugar right now either so I FEEL FOR YOUUUU *sobs*
    Your hidden talent is seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!!
    Keep it up and awesome post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XD Me too.
      Aww, man! No sugar sisters!
      LOL Thanks! It getting harder for me to do, I’m not as flexible as when I was younger.
      Thank you! I will πŸ™‚

      P.S. I love the answers you gave for your name on the survey. The Tesseract… XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. YAAAAAAAASSS!! Tacos are the BEST!! Your hidden talent is pretty cool. I’ve never seen anyone be able to do that. I love your blog!
    ~Taco (yes, that’s actually my name on WordPress πŸ˜‚)

    Liked by 1 person

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